Marine Weather

Up to date marine weather forecasts are essential for safety at sea and, as weather services are available from such a variety of sources these days, good marine weather information is available just about anywhere.  However, getting the weather forecast is only half the story.  Once you have the information, the problem lies in interpreting the data and deciding on the best course of action.

Here we've rounded up some useful resources and reading matter to help you obtain marine weather forecasts wherever you go and make best use of the information once you've got it.  For local sources of weather information go to our Cruising Guides.

Marine Weather Online

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Marine weather services including observations, coastal and local waters forecasts, warnings and satellite imagery

Shipping forecast, inshore waters, Atlantic pressure chart, coastal forecast and coastal observations.  Also UK tidal information for the next 6 days.

Carib WX
Weather forecast information for the Eastern Caribbean

Jcomm Oceanography and Marine Meteorology
Provides marine weather information broadcast via Inmarsat-C SafetyNET and some information broadcast by NAVTEX is also included

Marine Weather - Environment Canada
Marine forecasts and weather warnings for Canada's coastal regions.  Also links to Marine Services Online such as tidal information and notices to mariners.

Meteo France
Forecasts for French inshore and offshore waters including the Atlantic

Met Office
Comprehensive UK regional and marine weather forecasts including inshore waters and the shipping forecast.  Also European and worldwide forecasts available for major locations, surface pressure charts and satellite imagery.

NOAA's Marine Forecasts (USA)
Links to US Marine Forecast Offices and Centres for regionally focused weather and tidal information. Also other links of interest to mariners.

Oceanweather inc
Current worldwide marine data (wind speed and direction, wave height, surface temperature) available online.  Also forecasting services and software.

The Weather Window
Global weather information provided by weather experts, Frank Singleton and Chris Tibbs, plus Mailasail's free email weather service

Weather Online
Worldwide weather information with dedicated marine pages, satellite imagery, rainfall radar and surface pressure charts

Weather Routing, Inc
Customized weather forecasts and routing advice to mariners worldwide as well as online weather access
Wind and weather tools and apps, including wind and weather forecasts, for a range of outdoor sports



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Recommended Books

Modern Marine Weather
David Burch
Recommended by a weatherman as the definitive text for anyone wanting to learn marine meteorology.  Subjects covered include sources of weather information, latest equipment for receiving forecasts and weather routing.  Easy to follow and with good detail.