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The sport of windsurfing is very accessible and with the right instruction, the right equipment and regular time on the water you can progress quickly.  We have provided information on the various RYA Windsurfing Courses available below.  Use the links on the right to find windsurfing courses in your area.

Adult Courses

Learn to windsurf with the National Windsurfing Scheme, which uses an incredibly effective coaching system that offers remarkable improvement for every level of windsurfer.  All courses in the scheme have a duration of 8 to 10 hours.

Start Windsurfing
A course for complete beginners
Experience Required:  None
Course Content:  The basics of windsurfing using the right equipment enabling you to sail to a chosen point on the water and return to where you started from in light winds

Intermediate (Non Planing)
Helping you fine tune basic skills and make your windsurfing faster and more fluid
Experience Required:  Start Windsurfing level i.e. you should be able to sail on all points of sailing in light winds
Course Content:  New techniques and skills to enable you to sail on all points of sailing in stronger winds using beach starts and faster tacking and gybing

Intermediate (Planing)
The second part of the Intermediate Course, building on your skills to get the board planing
Experience Required:  Competent with skills and knowledge to the standard of the Intermediate Non Planing course
Course Content:  Harness and float strap techniques, improve your stance and get the board planing, giving you the exhilaration of speed and improved theory knowledge

Additional clinics help you master dynamic transitions, advanced planing techniques, the water start and the infamous planing gybe
Experience Required:  Competent Intermediate level with the ability to sail in foot straps and harness in planing conditions
Course Content:  Dynamic transitions, advanced planing techniques and water starts are broken down and simplified, backed up with relevant theory.  Carve gybing, advanced carving and bump and jumping may also be taught.


Youth Courses

The Youth Scheme is an easy and accessible way for under 16s to get into this exciting sport and progress quickly.  When you have completed Stage 4 you will have all skills to move onto the Advanced Course and clinics in the National Windsurfing Scheme.

All courses have a duration of 8 to 10 hours and there is no minimum age, however centres often take children from the age of 8.  To make the most of the scheme ensure you are confident with the skills of one stage before moving on to the next and you should try to windsurf between courses whenever you can.

Stage 1
An ideal introduction, teaching you the basics of getting on the water and sailing the board across the wind and back
Experience Required:  None
Course Content:  All fun and no theory enabling you to sail to a chosen point on the water and return to where you started in light winds

Stage 2
Practical skills to get you sailing around a course practising tacking and gybing
Experience Required:  Stage 1 standard - in light winds you should be able to sail across the wind and back
Course Content:  Learn to tack and gybe, enabling you to make progression towards and way from the wind and sail on all points of sailing in light winds

Stage 3
Set up your board and rig correctly, enhance your stance on all points of sailing and introduce basic harness techniques in stronger winds
Experience Required:  Competent Stage 2 sailor
Course Content:  A mixture of theory and practical, introducing beach starting and harness technique with time spent improving tacking and gybing enabling you to sail on all points of sailing in a variety of conditions and use the harness

Stage 4
Blasting around and becoming confident to tack and gybe, with an introduction to basic foot strap technique
Experience Required:  Competent Stage 3 sailor
Course Content:  This stage builds on a confident ability to tack and gybe and sail in the harness and introduces foot strap technique


Start Racing

A course for complete racing beginners providing basic knowledge in racing rules, courses, tactics, preparation and racing techniques

Experience Required:  No prior racing knowledge is required but students must hold a Stage 1 certificate from the Youth Windsurfing Scheme or Start Windsurfing from the National Windsurfing Scheme

Course Content:  Building general racing knowledge: racing information (courses, rules, starting tactics and strategy), pre-race preparation (equipment and fitness) and racing techniques (starting, developing speed,  turning and strategy).  Equips you with the practical skills to race around a course in a small fleet.


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