Boat Plans

Is there anything more satisfying than sailing a boat that you have built yourself?  If this is your ambition then there are thousands of boat plans and resources online to help you.  From simple kayaks to round-the-world cruisers, whether you want to build in wood, fibreglass, steel or aluminium, there are boat plans available and many of the plans are designed with the beginner in mind.

There are lots of advantages to building a boat: it's extremely rewarding, you get a boat built to exactly the specification required and, last but not least, you can save money on the cost of a comparable manufactured boat.  And in the end it will be a custom boat, one of a kind and your boat.

Boat plans are just the start.  You will also find all the other items you need to build your own boat as well as forums where you can ask questions and get technical help.  Get started by following the links below to find tested and proven boat plans and patterns, boat kits, books, boat building supplies, how-to information and much more.

Atkin and Co
'Individualized designs for unregimented yachtsmen' - the design collections of John and William Atkin

Boat plans, boat kits, boat building supplies and technical support

Boat Designs
On-line boatbuilder store with plans, kits, supplies and books

Boat Plans
Easy to follow wooden boat plans for instant download

Boden Boat Plans
Professionally designed steel, aluminium and timber boat plans

Bruce Roberts
Bruce Roberts official website with boat plans and cutting files plus books and other resources

Chesapeake Marine Design
Boat plans and yacht designs with technical support and other resources

Clark Craft
Boat plans and kits plus boat building supplies and hardware

Classic Wooden Boat Plans
Collection of established wooden boat plans

Devlin Designing Boat Builders
Boat construction plans, boat building supplies, books and videos

Dudley Dix Yacht Design
Boat plans, kits, materials and information

Gator Boat Co
Wooden boat plans for the amateur builder for traditional south-eastern US small craft

Boat plans, patterns and kits for the amateur boat builder

Hartley Boat Plans
Boat plans for all types of boats from canoes to ocean cruisers

Michael Storer Wooden Boat Plans
Wooden and plywood boat plans for amateur boat builders

Selway Fisher Design
Yacht and boat designs, plans and manuals for the home and professional boat builder

Spira International Inc
Easy to build boat plans and resources

Free boat plans with forum and links to boat building resources


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Recommended Books

Ultrasimple Boat Building: 17 Plywood Boats Anyone Can Build
Gavin Atkin
This book shows you how to create elegant, seaworthy plywood boats with a minimum of time, experience and expense with clearly written and illustrated step-by-step instructions.
A perfect entry point for anyone contemplating building their own boat.