About the Cruising Guides

Our Cruising Guides are here to help you plan your cruising and make the most of each destination you visit.  They are full of essential information for ports, harbours and marinas including berthing, navigation notes, details of marine and other services and what to see and do ashore.  Anchorages are also covered.

Go to the Country page first to find general information such as customs and immigration procedures, tides and weather as well as links to useful cruising resources for that destination.

Large countries have been broken down into Cruising Areas, with information about special features and navigational hazards in the area, and more local resources have been provided here too.

Follow the Port or Harbour links for the following information:

Port Page

Here we provide navigation and pilotage notes, details of berthing and mooring facilities including marinas and nearby anchorages, sources of local tidal and weather information and relevant charts for each port.  Where to top up with fuel and contact details for water taxi services are also highlighted for quick reference.

Please Note: Navigation and pilotage notes are provided for general information only and it is essential to use an up to date chart and pilot book for navigation purposes

Marine Services

If your boat or equipment is in need of some attention or you want to stock up on spares then this is the right place.  Local chandlers and suppliers, as well as all manner of marine services such as engineers, riggers, sailmakers and boatyards, are listed here.

In the sidebar we have provided details of where to find provisions, banks, internet access or medical services just in case it's local delicacies and some personal or financial TLC that's required.

Shore Leave

Whether you plan to stay a few days and want to make the most of your time in port or just need the contact details for a good local restaurant, our guide to exploring ashore is the place to go.

Here you will find details of pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants as well as things to do and see such as local attractions and events.  Tourist information and local transport services are also provided here. 

In smaller ports and harbours, or where there are limited services such as in most anchorages, some of the pages have been combined.


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