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The beautiful archipelago of the Isles of Scilly lies approximately 28 miles west south west of Land's End and is a cruising paradise.  Miles of white sandy beaches, acres of natural landscape and a long and fascinating history combined with a relaxed lifestyle and an exceptionally mild climate make it hard to leave.  Only St Mary's, St Martin's, Tresco, Bryher, St Agnes and Gugh are inhabited and each island has its own unique character.

There are no marinas here, but moorings can be found in St Mary's Harbour as well as several other locations and there is no shortage of good anchorages.  St Mary's is also best for marine services, banks and provisions.  Good navigation is essential due to the number of rocks and shallows.  Visitors should also be aware that weather can be unpredictable and change quickly so be prepared to move. 

Isles of Scilly Charts

SC5603            Falmouth to Padstow including Isles of Scilly (Admiralty Leisure Folio)
34                   Isles of Scilly
883                 Isles of Scilly: St Mary's and the Principal Off-Islands

C7                   Falmouth to Isles of Scilly and Newquay


Isles of Scilly Berthing

St Mary's

St Mary's Harbour, VHF Ch 14
The Harbour Office, The Quay, St Mary's TR21 0HU - +44(0)1720 422768
Harbour speed limit: 3 knots.  No anchoring within harbour or approaches.
Maximum LOA: 18m.  Larger vessels by arrangement only.
38 yellow visitor mooring buoys.  Rafting up required at busy times.
Water and electricity (subject to tidal constraints), toilets, showers, Wi-Fi, fuel, gas

Porth Cressa
Good anchorage in west north westerlies but exposed to swell from south east to south west

Watermill Cove
Anchorage with good shelter in winds from south to north west

St Martin's

Tean Sound
An attractive anchorage in good weather but careful pilotage is required due to rocks and shallows

St Martin's Hotel
+44(0)1720 422090
6 visitor mooring buoys
Bar, bistro and restaurant at hotel

St Helen's

St Helen's Pool
Secure anchorage south of St Helen's Island with the easiest approach via St Helen's Gap but you may experience swell near high water

Tresco and Bryher

New Grimsby Sound
Between Tresco and Bryher with good shelter except in north westerlies.
Tresco Harbour Master, VHF Ch 08
+44(0)1720 422792 or +44(0)7778 601237
22 visitor mooring buoys in deep water
Water from tap on Tresco quay, showers at the New Inn

There is also a popular anchorage between Hangman Island and the Quay but beware of cables

St Agnes and Gugh

Porth Conger and The Cove
Good anchorages separated by a sandbar between St Agnes and Gugh.
Porth Conger, north of the sandbar, is sheltered in southerlies except when the sandbar covers near high water springs.  The Cove is well sheltered from west and north winds except when the sandbar covers.  Beware of cables.


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Isles of Scilly Fuel

St Mary's Quay TR21 0HU
+44(0)1720 422431
Diesel only from quay until 1130.
Diesel, petrol and gas from shore Monday to Friday 0800 to 1700 and Saturday 0800 to 1200

Isles of Scilly Tides

Admiralty Easytide
Tidal predictions for St Mary's, Isles of Scilly for the next 7 days