Glasson Dock Navigation and Pilotage


Flood tides flow strongly in the River Lune.  The channel is subject to frequent change so skippers should proceed with the utmost caution and may have to vary their course from the charted channel to find the deepest water.  It is dangerous to proceed down river any later than 1 hour after high water.

Port and Pilot Boat

On standby from 1 to 2 hours before high water and work on VHF Channel 69


Arrive at River Lune No 1 west cardinal mark 1½ hours before high water springs or 1¼ hours before high water neaps and follow the buoyed channel.

Glasson Dock Gate

Normally opens from 45 minutes before high water and closes at high water.  River at Glasson Dock virtually dries out a low water and there is no anchorage available.

Traffic signals:
    Fixed red light - no entry
    Fixed green light - entrance clear
    Flashing orange light - dock gate opening or closing


Lock gates between the outer basin and the marina are operated by British Waterways and gates will open on all high tides between sunrise and sunset during the season.  Winter locking is available during daylight hours with 24 hours notice.  Craft may remain afloat in the outer basin to await a lock in to the inner basin.

Please Note: Navigation and pilotage notes are provided for general information only and it is essential to use an up to date chart and pilot book for navigation purposes

Glasson Dock Charts

Admiralty Charts

SC5613        Irish Sea - Eastern Part (Small Craft Folio)
1552            Ports in Morecambe Bay
1826            Irish Sea - Eastern Part

Imray Charts

C62             Irish Sea

Glasson Dock Tides

Admiralty Easytide
Tidal predictions for Glasson Dock for the next 7 days


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