Buying a Boat

So you want your own boat.  The good news is that there are nearly as many ways of owning a boat as there are types of boats to buy and there is no right or wrong way to do it.  However, the process of buying a boat can seem daunting, especially if it is your first time.  Here we have collected a number of resources to help you find your dream boat and guide you through the buying process.  We have also provided a few alternatives to outright ownership as food for thought.

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New Boats
Boat Builders and Designers websites have a wealth of information about their   current models as well as contact details for your local agent.  Boat Shows are a good place to progress your search for a new boat as you can compare boat features in one convenient location.

Ownership Programmes
Ownership Programmes can be a good way of financing and managing your boat purchase if you don't want to use your boat all the time, and as a bonus all maintenance is taken care of too.

Shared Ownership
Shared Ownership, or Fractional Ownership as it is sometimes known as, is a great way to share the purchase and ongoing costs of boat ownership.  There are a number of schemes offering shared ownership or you can enter into a private arrangement through classified ads in Boat Magazines.

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Yacht Brokers
Not only do Yacht Brokers have access to a wide range of boats for sale but they can be invaluable in walking you through the purchase process and ensuring all the paperwork is in order.
Private Ads
Many Boat Magazines and their websites carry classified ads for people choosing to sell their boat privately but it will be up to you to ensure they have the right paperwork to back up the sale.
Self Build
Not for the faint hearted, but if you have the time and the tools building your own boat can be enormously rewarding.  Boat Plans for a wide variety of boats are available to help you get started.


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New Boat or Used Boat?

One of the big decisions in the boat buying process is whether to buy a New Boat or Used Boat.  There are a number of important factors to consider before taking the plunge.

New Boats

Chris Craft Launch 32

Hanse 415