Sailors Night Vision Cap

Sailors Night Vision Cap

We love a hard-working, multi-tasking product and the Sailors Night Vision Cap is our latest find.  It provides shade and cover during the day plus an aid to night time vision all in one simple cap.  No more fumbling around trying to hold the torch in one hand while working with the other or performing contortions with a head torch.  And as practical solutions go, it's pretty stylish too.

The model we put through its paces on a recent overnight passage had 2 red LEDs and 4 white LEDs on separate, sealed, weatherproof circuits with the buttons conveniently placed under the cap brim but there are other slight variations available.

The red LEDs are there when you need to maintain night vision and are placed under the brim, angled downwards to provide task lighting. 

Two bright white LEDs on the cap brim were powerful enough to clearly see the top of a 60ft mast at night and the two white LEDs under the brim provide task lighting when night vision is not important.  It is even possible to switch on all four white LEDs simultaneously.  The cap also proved useful, even in daylight, for hands free, task lighting in the engine compartment and other dark corners of the boat.

The long lasting battery packs, with 50 hours of intermittent life, are housed in the cap's sweat band and, though they appeared bulky at first glance, we didn’t even notice them when wearing the cap.

As a cap it has one of the nicest designs we’ve seen in a while.  Lightweight and comfortable with a fully adjustable Velcro closure plus a leash so you don’t lose it overboard.  The cap can be embroidered with your boat name, yacht club, company or just about anything you choose and also makes an ideal gift.

We're finding new uses for the Sailors Night Vision Cap all the time and the only problem we have found so far is that we’ve only got one.  Get yours from priced from $39.95.


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